Threats From Space

Threats From Space

We have to get off the planet ultimately to survive as a Species. It is simply a matter of time before the Earth gets hit by a big enough object to change the climate so quickly and dramatically that life on the planet has to start again. That was the thinking of Arthur C. Clarke in the 1960’s and 70’s. He was one of many who suggested as it looked like the planet had been altered dramatically in the past by larger Impacts shown in fossil records.

Everyday many things streak through the upper atmosphere, we see them as shooting stars, most are less that the size of a grain of rice. Some are just Ice, others rock and minerals. Some are metals, these are the dangerous ones to us as just a pea size piece of iron can make it to the surface of the earth without entirely being burned up. Just 1 Kg of Iron dropped from Orbit would be as devastating as ten nuclear weapons.

Space, as empty as it is, does still contain solid objects and the earth is hitting them daily. Simply a consequence of being in motion. The Sun is travelling and the planets towed along behind it. As much as we might be able to create tractor beams and deflector shields in the future to protect the Earth nothing will stop a genuinely large Object, divert possibly, but not stop.

So where does that leave us?
Well it appears we have survived at least two million years as humans in some capacity so devastating impacts don’t happen that regularly….Statistically. Simple truth is none of us are safe on the planet this is the way it has always been. A piece of space rock only the same size as yourself composed of the right material could wipe any city off the planet and cause a measurable change to the climate as a result of impact debris thrown into the atmosphere.

In a statistical sense it is a matter of time before the planet takes a big strike. In the long scale the Sun is destined to die according the popular theories of Astrophysics so every species that wants to survive has to get off it’s home planet at some time. Many science fiction books have been written about this over the last century to show people how many obstacles must be over come. Some have included some very bad science.

It is inevitable we will leave the Earth if we wish to survive as a species.

This leads to the space program and project paper clip. The re-profiling of Captured German scientists to allow them into the USA to work for the US administration. The most famous of these is Wernher Von braun who was almost single handedly was behind the US rocket program that publicly put Man on the moon in 1969. Near his death Von Braun told people near him a little of what he knew of the future plans of those who had controlled and taken over the Space programs of the USA and the World it seems.
He said “First they will try and control the world by creating a false Cold War.”
“Then they will use created Terrorists”
“After that Threats from space and lastly Faked up Aliens to threaten the globe”

All this has occurred except the last which might be being implemented right now. Many who are aware of the true history of the last hundred years will already be well aware that the people who funded and directed the Socialist take over of Russia during WWI are the same group that controls the federal reserve in the USA. Stalin use to say “ I was made in the West” and the American leadership used to say things like “If Stalin didn’t exist we would have had to create him”. Anything made in the USA that Russia didn’t have was passed on to the Russian controllers for dissemination, improvement and duplication. People laughably think the Russians were spying and stealing by espionage when the Corporations who we employed by the US administration were connected to the same people who had taken over Russia and they simply passed on the information from the TOP to the sister Russian projects they had created. Much like Israel modern day Russia is a creation of the Rothschild Banking cartel and the City of London corporation. This same corporation effectively owns and controls the world’s Media.

So where am I going with this?
In the last couple of days we have seen an Asteroid hit in Russia. We know there is no point in worrying about things you cannot change, to do so just grinds a person down mentally until they are a wreck, but when the media presents it larger than life many people will do just that. If a city had been wiped out there would be international calls for a World Unified Detection System for detecting incoming Earth threats. I still expect this kind of reaction over time backed by media promotion and deep analysis. It might cost each and every person on the planet as in international Tax to keep you safe [lol] in the near future.

A few things struck me as odd about the Russian Asteroid Strike. First the claims the Russians had scrambled Jets and had successfully hit the Asteroid breaking it up. The Russian reports had also initially reported it was not a Asteroid but that story faded quickly as the Western Media started to pump their stories out.

Many people might be unaware that RT is not really a Russian News network but is a Western one masquerading as a Russian one, the key clue is they are not speaking Russian, they are clearly aimed at projecting the Image of Russia they want Western people to believe. Controlled opposition if you like.
The office footage looks fake to me as does a lot of the car cams. If you look in the office it is not dressed up right, no signs of personal items on the desks and the walls are not dressed either. Some of my friends help make movies, it looked very staged to them also.

The footage Angles of decent are not all the same from recording to recording either.

Some reports say the Schools were already closed for two days because of an exercise that was going to simulate a Asteroid or Missile strike in the area. This is an interesting Vid analysis.

I have watch the News Being manufactured since 1991, they rely on us being conditioned to believing them as a trusted source and simply accepting what they say without question.

Have a really good look at all the footage of this Russian Asteroid Strike and see what you think. A perfect circle in the ice at one impact point. The claims of Russian Air-force shooting and breaking up the Asteroid [it has been determined that Nuclear Missiles would have little chance of being able to do this if it was a real Asteroid] and they say it had broken up into multiple pieces because their air-strike. Even in satellite images found after the event the Asteroid looks very much like a Missile not an Asteroid.

Threats from Space are real and a serious threat to life on Earth, have no doubt. Every nation that is in space can simply drop Rods of Iron from orbit and that has more impact than nuclear weapons when impacting upon the Earth. As soon as any nation reaches space the need for nuclear weapons become obsolete as simple unprocessed Iron is more effective as a weapon from that height.

We know there is space debris that can do over the planet but in our more recent history [8,000 years] we haven’t had it happen or have it recorded as happening. It could take a day or a million years to have a big strike, or it might never happen at all.

Do you worry about something you can do nothing about?


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